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The speed of your website matters significantly to your digital marketing success. Studies show that 47% of visitors hate to browse web pages taking over 3 seconds to load and abandon the page.

But what can make your page slower? Precisely, whenever a webpage is visited, your site sends a request to the server for processing the desired page and brings it to the user’s browser. As your page may be featured with a header, menu, blogs, and images, the server takes some time to deliver the complete webpage. This can make the site slower.

And this is the place where WordPress Cache Plugins come to play. It instructs the server for storing some files on RAM or disk according to the configuration. That saves the time for processing and your site becomes faster. Thankfully, WordPress comes with a series of free Cache Plugins. Among them, here we explained about 5 best performing WordPress Cache Plugins as reviewed by us.

List of the Top 5 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins

As per our reviews here we have picked up 5 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins-

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

Amid the WordPress Plugin Library, W3 total cache is known to be the most preferred by users. With more than a million installations, being an open-source plugin, it’s free, which means you don’t have to pay anything to access and leverage its advantages to boost the performance of your website. Integrated with a CDN, it works seamlessly well not only for mobile-friendly sites but for regular desktops as well.

The WordPress Cache plugins happens to be highly useful for websites with SSL certificates while making it a perfect choice for eCommerce stores where site speed matters. All of the special features come with the base plugin and naturally, you don’t need to go for upgrade plans unless you need them. The W3 Cache plugin enables you to save on bandwidth through HTTP compression, minifications, and feed optimization.

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The main lacking area of the W3 Total Cache plugin is that its backend settings are fairly plentiful and complex to understand. Thus for professionals, while the plugins can be a great choice to utilize appropriate settings matching their needs, for beginners it could be quite challenging. Therefore, even after considering its downsides, as reviewed by us, W3 Total cache is great to boost your website, and equally the conversion rate.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache

With some unique features, WP’s Fastest Cache is another demanding WordPress cache plugin for websites. Its free version is fitted with desktop caching, options for CSS and JavaScript, and minifications of HTML. Although users like these features of the free version to help them get started, however, its offers an extensive range of features and tools that you won’t access in the free version. For them, you need to pay a one-time fee that can be bought in the setting module of the Cache. Overall this is also an efficient WordPress Cache plugins to improve your website’s performance.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache is another well-liked open-source WordPress cache plugin that has millions of installations. The free version comes with Browser caching, image optimization, and the CDN. It offers a feature ideal for creating a cache, particularly for all your mobile themes. Its other option enables you to restrict serving a cached version for desktop to mobile users.

Designed with a list of check-boxes setting page is truly imposing. As information boxes display the function of the setting clearly, you will find it relaxing to navigate through the page for managing different items. You’ll also find an option to not serve a cached version for the desktop to the mobile users. Another good reason to choose WP Super Cache is that it comes with 3 caching modes.

While the Simple Mode is suitable for common WordPress users as it is minimally complicated, the Expert Mode is ideal for professionals. It helps you combine as well as minify JavaScript and CSS. CDN integrations are also possible. One of the best attributes of WP Super Cache is it is fitted with garbage collecting. Precisely as your cache directory gets filled up over makes your site run slower, with automated garbage collection and cleaning out of unwanted files, you can keep your site speed optimized.


Autoptimize Cache Plugin

By default, the Autoptimize plugin curtails and caches site code as well as scripts and also adds CSS code into your page tag. It also helps in aligning complex CSS and submitting scripts to the page footer apart from modifying HTML. The plugin supports WebP and AVIF image format. Noteworthy, the plugin optimizes images by means of lazy-load.

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Aside from the above features, the plugin also helps optimize JavaScript and Google fonts. One of the great facets of the Autoptimize plugin lies in its ability to lessen the initial load time by deferring JavaScript files and also by relocating them to the footer. When you aim at the performance and speed of your website, using the Autoptimize WordPress Cache plugin is a steady choice.


Hummingbird Cache Plugin

Hummingbird is an excellent product designed by WordPress speed experts who are the creator of Smash Image optimization. It has more than 1 million installations. To make your website operate faster and maximize the performance of the site it adopts innovative ways to uplift Google PageSpeed Insights backed by having effective control over file compression, deferring JavaScript styles, CSS and scripts, Lazy Load integration, minify for JS and CSS, and world-class caching. Hummingbird is outfitted with a series of features that help manage your website and improve its performance.

The Features of Hummingbird WordPress Cache Plugins include:

Scan and Fix – Help to scan your site to pinpoint the lacking areas slowing the site down, and in adopting one-click performance that helps boost the speed of your site

World-Class Caching – A full set caching ideal to load your page faster integrated with Gravatar, full page, and browser cache.

Performance Reports – Tips from professionals about how to make your site super speedy.

Asset Optimization – Position, minify as well as combine JavaScript, and CSS, along with Google Font files for greater performance.

GZIP Compression – Blazing-fast HTML, StyleSheet (CSS) transfer, and JavaScript.

Configurations – Helps set your desired performance settings, saving them as config, and uploading promptly to any other site.

Considering the importance of your web page performance and speed, make sure to opt for the Free WordPress Cache Plugins tool that matches your requirement the best.

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